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Dominican Dating
Where and how to meet Dominican girls in Boca Chica and Santo Domingo

Boca Chica is alive year round, but from late November to April the town really sizzles.

The Bars, Discos, and Beach Clubs are filled with guys and gals looking to hook up day and night.

Santo Domingo is a town for all seasons. Like New York, the nightlife never sleeps.

Boca Chica is the first and best beach town on the Caribbean coast east of Santo Domingo.

It is the preferred beach destination for sand, sea and love. Hotelsand Restaurants are inexpensive.

Most  Boca Chica hotels are “Girl Friendly” allowing guests to stay without extra charge.

This is not the case in large all-inclusive hotels in the Capital.

If you know where to go, meeting nice women in Boca Chica and Santo Domingo and is a done deal.

The girls are usually in small groups. Their concept of fun begins by getting together to drink, listen to music, dance, and enjoy an exciting and pleasurable night of “la vida loca.”

In this respect the Santo Domingo Nightlife offers much more than Boca Chica.

Boca Chica is a convenient base for nocturnal trips to the Capital where there are numerous hot nightclubs, and discos. The perfect place to meet “Chicas” is at clubs with live music.


For over fifteen years Bruno (Italian guide) has lived the nightlife of Boca Chica and Santo Domingo with a passion. And with consummate professionalism he is available to guide those who like to spend their day on the beaches of Boca Chica and love to Party at night. Bruno will personally drive and introduce you to the nightlife Santo Domingo.

While the hot spots continually change, among the nightclubs currently popular in Santo Domingo Capital City, Bruno recommends the Euphoria and Wao, both on Avenida Venezuela, 20 highway miles from Boca Chica.

Euphoria and Wao have what London and New York Clubs can never provide, authentic, engaging, hot Caribbean dancing to pounding Merengue, Salsa, or Bachata beats played at full volume in a ritual that dates back to more primitive times. Dominican women move like no others.

There is a complete of sense of freedom, tolerance, and acceptance. All are welcome at any age, any race, whatever circumstance.

In the Dominican Republic, no matter what your age or condition, you will get a warm smile and a “Buenas Dias” in return. Here more than any other place in the Caribbean, or the world for that matter, you are appreciated and respected. You will find opportunities to socialize, communicate with people of all ages.

Euphoria opened in June 2011 and immediately won renown as the happening disco bar with live music performances and 3 D large screen video. Dress to impress in this elegant venue frequented by an international clientele, upscale locals, and easy to meet local “Chicas,” including girls, curious and eager and to meet European and American men. Avenida Venezuela, n. 15th.

Even in Wao, new disco bar with live music in a modern setting, it's easy to meet beautiful girls. Avenida Venezuela, n. 8th.

discoteca Euphoria
discoteca Wao



hotels index guide nightlife restaurants beach