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Fun and Nightlife in Boca Chica
travel story of Tommy from New York, May 2014

Tommy, 25 years, from New York, tells.

After a long time I was visit Boca Chica again in May this year. The town is about 15 minutes drive from airport of Santo Domingo and about 30 km. from Santo Domingo. Town have about 22000 inhabitants. Everyone who expect a fun in nightlife will be very satisfied there.

I had there a one week low budget holiday. I was find accomodation in Hotel Mozart. Small low budget hotel about ten minutes walk from center of town. Hotel has a small hotel bar which work from midnight to early morning hours. If you don't wish to go out of the hotel and you need pleasent company you will be very satisfied there.

Hotel Mozart
room with bathroom
bar pub

In the center of town is a street with name Calle Duarte : is also center of nightlife in Boca Chica. There you can find anytime a pleasent company for a night. In the street you can find a lot of bars and two discos.

One of them is Disco on Piano Plaza and another one is Disco El Batey. In front of Disco Piano Plaza always sit a lot of girls which are always ready to have a fun.  In Disco Batey you can also find a lovely womans company. One of famous places is Bar Route 66. The lovely girls which work like a waiters of Bar Route 66 are always ready to leave the Bar to have a fun with guests. The whole town live onlove, rhon and bachata. In any case is not a problem to find a girl.


Boca Chica is very interesting place. For every tourist ist important to take care about behavior. Don't show lot of money and don't make a trouble with Dominicans. Nights is better not to go on foot all over the town. Better is to take a taxi or motoconcho. But also is important not to live all the time in fear. With too much fear you destroy your holidays and you can not have any fun there in lovely town in that lovely country.

Politur, Calle Duarte

Disco Piano Plaza

Disco Piano Plaza is on the begin of the party street Calle Duarte. Every night you can find there most of girls in Boca Chica. You can feel a caribbean way of life. Bachata, fun and Cuba Libre.  Prices for a goodtime with happy end start from 1000 Dominican peso.

Piano Plaza Disco

Bar Route 66

Same like Disco Piano Plaza Bar Route 66 is in the Calle Duarte. Bar is about 50 metar far away from Disco Piano Plaza. Completely simple caribbean bar with lot of waiters. The girls there are Dominican and Haitian.

Route 66 Bar

Disco El Batey

About 50 meters more in Calle Duarte is located Disco "Batey". After midnight the place start to wake up. Young caribbean beauties come there to enyoj the night, to drink, to dance, to finde a boyfriend for a night. The most of them are really  beautiful. I did not find a better place to finish the day in Boca Chica as there. It is not a big problem to come in contact with girls. The most of girls stand along the bar. If you wish a conversation just call a girl for a drink. If you wish to pick her up you just have to ask for it.

El Batey Disco

Bar from Hotel Mozart

About one kilometer from city center is Hotel Mozart. Hotel Bar start to work about midnight, but the most girls come there after three o clock nights when everything other is closed. Price of drinks is cheap. If you are find a girl there you can stay there to sleep until the next day. Place is to recommend because you don't need a lot of money to spend wonderful night there. The place is cheap, friendly and safe. About six o clock morning bar closed and is time for a sleep.

Bur Pub Mozart Hotel

Wherever you go, it will be all more easy if you speak Spanish.

Tommy, from New York.



Las Palmeras Apartments from $50 (US) per apt. per night
1 / 2 / 3 A/C bedrooms, 1 / 2 / 3 bathrooms
in the most exclusive area of Boca Chica
Villas Las Estrellas from $120 (US) per villa per night
2 A/C bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private parking



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