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How to reach Boca Chica from the airports of Las Americas, La Romana, Punta Cana.

Taxi from Las Americas, there is no bus, taxi from La Romana, Punta Cana in taxi or bus Caribe Tour

Prices taxi from Las Americas $30 (US), from La Romana $90, from Punta Cana $160, including three people.


How to reach the Dominican Republic from Europe

Scheduled flights

From 2 April 2013, the company Iberia, after the merger with British Airways, has ceased to operate on the routes Europe / Dominican Republic / Cuba, canceling its flights. On the same routes Air Europa flights but also increased the prices, followed by Air France.


At present (March, 2014), according to customers, routes / most companies cost are:

- Meridiana flights from Italy (Milan Malpensa), arriving in Santo Domingo (10 km from Boca Chica). Price taxi Las Americas Airport Santo Domingo - Boca Chica: $30 (US).

- Charter flights Neos and Blue Panorama from Italy (Milan Malpensa / Rome Fiumicino), arriving in La Romana (92 km from Boca Chica). Price taxi La Romana Airport - Boca Chica: $90, and the journey takes an hour and a half.

- Scheduled flight Condor from Germany (Frankfurt), with late arrivals Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo (10 km from Boca Chica) or Punta Cana (170 km from Boca Chica). Price taxi Punta Cana Airport - Boca Chica: $160.

- Daily scheduled flights low cost British Airways from Britain (Londra-Miami/Miami-Santo Domingo).

Prices of flights arriving from Europe vary according to the high and the low season, the airlines, the type of class, tourist or business, and any special offers.


Airport - taxi prices

Las Americas Airport Santo Domingo - Boca Chica: $30 (US)

La Romana Airport - Boca Chica $90

Punta Cana Airport - Boca Chica $160, including three people.


Internal flights

Air Santo Domingo and Aerodomca are the air line that runs on the internal routes of Dominican Republic: in any case, its small airplanes are reliables.

Usually, the tariff of the flights that connect the majority of the island destinations is approximately $60 (US).


Local bus

Economicals and practicals, the big bus are the most suited means of transport to visit the island. The transport between towns is managed by transport companies, such as Caribe Tours and Metro, that offer comfortable bus, with air conditioning, music and, at times, TV. The connection between towns, direct or with bus stops, is generally efficient, on time and safe.


Guaguas (small bus)

Above all used by the Dominicans, are very economicals. In Santo Domingo there is a continuous, economical and on the whole efficient and safe public transport service, with A/C and WI-FI, that connects the Capital with Boca Chica, San Pedro, La Romana in a easterly direction. In reality, also for the tourists it's possible to travel by guagua all Dominican Republic, easily and without surprises.



In airports, harbors, colonial zone, hotels, touristic centers, there is an official service of touristic taxi, with standard tariffs, that provide the best security for the customer. Are yellow, easily recognizables for the code awarded by Tourism Department, visible on the door, and for the notice TAXI TURISTICO. In the towns and in the hinterland there are less official taxi too, in that case it's better before to negotiate the fare, generally fixed depending on distance and people number.


Carros publicos

Old private cars, at times in a bad state of repair, that with a very little expense transport from a zone to an other zone of the Capital. A means of transport, often uncomfortable because the passengers travel packed like sardines and without air conditioning, but practical because pass continually.


Moto-conchos (moto-taxi)

24 hours a day, is a very widespread means of transport above all in the small centers, where is used by Dominicans and tourists for short and quick cheaply movements. Practical (not where it's raining), even if not very safe and without insurance for the passengers. It's better before to negotiate the fare.


Car rental

In all international airports, in the Capital and in the touristic centers are presents car rental offices. For to rent a car is necessary to be twentyfive and to have the valid driver's licence of country of origin (or the international driver's licence), paing with credit card.


New Highway del Coral La Romana - Punta Cana

La Romana, Bayahíbe, Higüey, Punta Cana, Bávaro, Cap Cana, Macao and Uvero Alto.


Distance table (km)

The distances among several interesting points of Dominican Republic.

Road map with driving directions by car



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