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A city for young people, every evening hundreds of young executives congregate for drinks at the many bars and cafes in the city, many located at the Avenida Abraham Lincoln, Gustavo Mejia Ricart and Roberto Pastoriza or on the Malecon. 

The nightlife starts late, with people arriving at the discos after 11 pm and the merengue, salsa and rock beats don’t stop until around 4 am at upscale dance clubs in town. People-watching at the cafes and bars, many of them open air.
live music in Merengue Bar

Dancing merengue, salsa, bachata and even rock until the early morning in discos and night clubs.

Avenida Venezuela (photo), the new dominican movida.

Club Murcielago, the former Guacara Taina (photo): ewcomers to the city should visit this famous multi-level dance club set in a massive underground cave in the Mirador del Sur Park.
Euphoria (photo): great disco bar opened June 30, 2011, live music in an elegant setting. 15 Avenida Venezuela.

Jet Set Club (photo): disco, live orchestra music nights. Av. Independencia in front of Presidente beer brewery.


Hard Rock Cafe (photo): famous and exclusive disco pub. 103 El Conde, Colonial Zone.


Liquid Club: latin musica in an old building. 155 Calle Mercedes n. 155, Colonial Zone.

Loft: elite club, live music (bachata, house, merengue, etc), excellent service with an impressive central bar. 49 Avenida Tiradentes.

Makumba (photo): a popular disco, good every night of the week, open until 4:00. 1 Avenida Venezuela.

Maunaloa (photo): disco with casino, 29 Centro de los Heroes.

Merengue Bar: where to dance merengue till dawn with live orchestra. Located in Jaragua Hotel, Malecon.

Montecristo: famous disco bar. Avenida Jose Amado Soler esq. Lincoln, edif. Concordia, Piantini. 

Nowhere: night-club and disco, bar and séparée. 205 Calle Hostos.


Praia: exclusive and famous disco. 74 Gustavo Mejia Ricart , Naco.

Pure Disco Club (photo): with live music and Dream casino. Located in Melia Hotel, on Malecon.


Rain new club: disco bar, lounge and club. 13 Avenida Lope de Vega, Plaza Progreso, Businnes Center, Ensanche Naco.

The Mango Tree (El árbol de Mango):  disco bar, selected ambience.

Wao (photo): new disco bar with live music. On Avenida Venezuela 8.

Night Clubs: innumerables , with good-looking girls and enthusiast spectators.

Casa de Modeles: with bar.

Casa Rosada (ex Pablito): 230 Avenida Ramon Caceres & Republica de Paraguay, Naco.

Casa Teresa: 71 Avenida Ortega y Gasset , Naco.

Doll House: 53 Avenida George Washington.

Golden Legs Club (photo): 354 Avenida Roberto Pastoriza, Plaza La Lira I, local 10-A, Piantini. 


Gotik Club (photo): disco and bar, located in Hispaniola hotel, Avenida Independencia esq. Abraham Lincoln.

Lapsus: disco ambient with music, 503 Avenida Independencia.

Le Petit Chateau: autopista 30 De Mayo km 111-2. 


Maunaloa (photo): with casino, 29 Centro de Los Heroes .

A warning: in several discos and night clubs no admittance with shorts and training shoes.

Casino. Santo Domingo has its fair share of casinos. Casino gambling until dawn in hotel casinos. In all the casino of hotels admittance is free with American-style game, with low bets.
Atlantis Word: for gamblers. Located in Quinto Centenario Hotel, Avenida George Washington, Malecon.
Diamante: where to taste hot picadera. Located in Hotel Melia, Malecon.
Dream: with Pure disco club. On Malecon.

Hotel Hispaniola (photo): live music (weekend). Avenida Independencia.

Hotel Jaragua (photo): a classic, live music and merengue show. Malecon.
Napolitano: with live performers every night. On the Malecon, with free parking and monitored.
Movies, theatre, music and dance performances.


Broadway Cinemas (Plaza Central, Av 27 de Febrero), Caribbean Cinemas (Diamond Plaza, Av de Los Proceres), Cinemacentro Dominicano (Av George Washington), Hollywood Diamond Cinemas (Av Abraham Lincoln), Palacio del Cine, photo, (Bella Vista, Av Sarasota).


Santo Domingo has its fair share of international theatre, music and dance performances, the finest of them performing at the National Theater (photo).

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hotels index guide nightlife restaurants beach