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Boca Chica is much more than the beach: Here in the Dominican Republic you can experience a lively nightlife as well. At sunset, the main street in Boca Chica, “Avenida Duarte” is closed to traffic. The Bars, Restaurants, pizza parlors, ice cream shops, and Colmados, (small stores selling drinks and food stapes), spill out onto the street forming a pedestrian meeting mall. A party atmosphere pulsates on the “strip” making it the perfect place to discover new friends. It helps to speak basic Spanish but it is not absolutely necessary. The girls speak a universal Spanglish dialect but only needed is a friendly glance, a smile, a wink or a nod that can lead to a drink and world of other possibilities.

And it is not only “men seeking women” but “women seeking local men,” “men seeking men” and “women seeking women.” It has become increasingly prevalent, especially by the beach, to see mature foreign ladies walking in ecstasy, hand in hand, with local, hunky, athletic, young men.

During the afternoon the beautiful girls (and boys) parading astride the sea in front of quaint beach bars andrestaurants, where palms, blue sea and white sand make it an attractive place to meet and share a cold (super fria) Cerveza Presidente (Beer), flock at night, drawn by lively Latin music to Party Central, Avenida DuarteBoca Chica.

Beginning at 7 P.M. from the Village Square Park, continuing east for several blocks, Duarte is closed to traffic.Restaurants put out colorful tables and chairs right on the street, Every night is a festival, always animated year round. Tourists, Residents, and Locals gather together to admire the good-looking velvet dark Haitians, café cafe au lait Creoles, and bonita blanquitas sitting at tables, dancing at the alfresco disco bars, or strolling down Duarte. They come in many hues, sizes, and shapes from model types to buxom babes with bountifully booties.

The ambiance is alive, people having dinner, a drink, shopping the boutiques, or simply strolling accompanied by the Dominican rhythms of Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, and Reggaeton heating up the atmosphere

In Boca Chica, the boundary between part time girls looking to have fun and professional working girls are very elastic, with a sliding scale according to the time and circumstances. As we said before, there are all types. Communicating is not a problem; the girls will take the initiative with the tourists using a near universal Spanglish dialect, understood by everyone in Boca Chica.

Once a guy gets eyed up, especially someone new, someone without a tan, with a “cara pollito blanco” (face like a white chicken), it is not unusual to see several girls compete for the their attention. Falling in love can be a powerful anti-depressant. The blood courses, the adrenalin flows, it makes you feel alive, even with some lies, maybe even more.

Pay attention: the style is different from other countries. Many here in the Dominican Republic are looking for a “Novio,” a boyfriend to give them money for life’s necessities, food, housing, help for their kids, and perhaps a pequeño regalo (little present). And if they find the right guy, a modest monthly remittance after you return to home.

In Thailand girls are expert masseuses, sophisticated performers, and ultimately sex workers. In the Dominican Republic they are warmer, many but not all prefer selling the illusion of love, with sentimentality and sweet words, whispered love songs, sensual dances, not just short time sex. Many of them actually end up by really falling in love with what they see as their “knight in shinning armor” (or is it amour) They will call you “Mi Vida,” (my life) at least when they begin. But beware all you mariposas, (butterflies) who go for new flowers every night, the girls may become quite “celosa” (jealous.)

Many do not sell a service, they sell an emotion, something that can get into your heart and make you fly even if you are in your seventies. Suddenly some older retirees loose their minds and their wallets. They are hooked by warm memories and with the wish to come back. Thoughts of the hot time in paradise will temper the long and cold winters in Europe and North America. Falling in love can be a powerful anti-depressive. It make blood and adrenaline flow, it makes you feel alive, even if it’s a lie, maybe even more so, especially if it induces you to regularly send money.

If you spend time at the airport as we do, you will frequently see both departing tourists and locals crying. The former does not want to leave and the latter does not want the former to leave.

There are many who believe that the Boca Chica love industry flourishes because of poverty and need, that it is a completely about the money. It may be in some cases but not in all. Dominican’s are good looking, well groomed and dressed, happy, and ready to smile even when something goes wrong.
Many tourists don’t have the time, language ability, or cultural awareness to realize this, but in the DR sex and love are the national sport, with or without foreign tourists. You need only to observe the way they dance, with all encompassing eroticism, passion, pure sex. It’s not like that in New York, Boston (g-d forbid), London or Berlin. Desire, yearning, and lust, intertwine as if in a never ending soap opera, like the “Tele Novelas’ that keep millions of Dominicans glued to their TVs.
Besides, it is true that in this island most of the people are poor, money are never enough and it is worthwhile trying to find one's way marrying a foreign visitor. North American and European passports are the most desirable, representing the possibility of moving to developed countries. Therefore also “normal” girls are happy and willing to supplement: secretaries, maids, cashiers, hair dressers, salesgirls...those that you can meet everywhere. They expect some presents when they date a tourist and then a bigger one once the holiday is over. High end girls are available in the capital, Santo Domingo, starting from the UASD University Campus. Then obviously in clubs, disco-bar, or live music theater, at the casinos, night clubs or massage centers.
In the capital, at late afternoon, along the Conde, the promenade, there are plenty of them; it will be enough to invite them for a drink in one of their favourite bars...they know how to chose. Or taking them to some movie theater, they go crazy for this. In Santo Domingo there are several multiplex, with the latest releases from the U.S., subtitled in Spanish.

Finally: you can find a beautiful and good girl everywhere if you speak Spanish and if your vacation lasts longer (at least 3 weeks) and you decide to rent a residence where she could come to cook and where she can find a swimming pool, a garden and a satellite TV, for the soap operas. And lots of music. A rented motorbike, even a small one, could be handy.

But for short vacations the “pro” are the most likely to win. If you do not have much time, it is enough to walk down the Duarte and to pick one. Every day there are many different choices here.


More and more are the men that date girls online, before coming here, in Facebook,, and the Dominican version of Badoo,, that has increasing success for the high quality of the dates provided.

To date in Boca Chica go to: .



Once en Santo Domingo, it is better to buy a  prepaid Dominican cell phone to make local contacts.

Dominican girls love to make telephone calls and send text. Once their credit is over they will seek help with texts likethis: “estoy sin balance, favor enviarme una recarga inmediata al codigo….para que pueda llamarte. Gracias, besos, Gisela Boxeadora”.  A nickname that you will not forget.



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