Costa Verde
Rio San Juan - Playa Grande - Cabrera

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mouth of Rio San Juan river
Rio San Juan is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, halfway between the area of Puerto Plata and Samana peninsula, along the eastern edge of Cabo Frances Viejo after Nagua.The areas of Rio San Juan and Cabrera are known as the Costa Verde for its beautiful beaches and coastal landscapes.
Costa Verde
The whole coast north of Rio San Juan is a succession of coves with turquoise waters.
Rio San Juan

Playa Grande is a beach with excellent resorts that offer the possibility of excursions and scuba diving thanks to a fully equipped diving center.

Playa Grande
Playa Caleton is a beautiful beach, enclosed in a narrow inlet.
Playa Caleton
Around the town of Rio San Juan there is Gri-Gri lagoon with sea caves. The lagoon can be visited by boat, through a labyrinth of mangroves, until you reach the beautiful beaches of Playita, the Cave of Swallows, El Caleton and Puerto Escondido.
Gri-Gri lagoon
There is a famous seaside carnival that since 1997, is held each night 14 to 17 February in the waters of Gri-Gri lagoon, work of artists who are inspired to marine species, only in Dominican Republic and around the world.
seaside carnival on Gri-Gri lagoon
In Rio San Juan are two golf courses: the charming Playa Grande Golf Course in Cabrera, with 18 holes designed by Robert Trent Jones, and the Rio San Juan Golf Club with only 9 holes.
Playa Grande Golf Course
Walking the road that runs along Bahia Escocesa, you reach Punta Preciosa and then Cabo Frances Viejo on the Atlantic coast with an impressive ocean view.
Cabo Frances Viejo
Continuing for several kilometers, you can reach Cabrera, with spectacular beaches: Playa Grande and...
Playa Grande
Playa Diamante.
Playa Diamante
Cabrera city is located on the north-east coast of the Dominican Republic, 111 miles from Santo Domingo, east of Puerto Plata and west of Samana, 22 miles from Nagua, capital  of Maria Trinidad Sanchez province, 14 miles west to Rio San Juan, north and east overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

the church of Cabrera
According to the story, during his first voyage to the Americas, Christopher Columbus taked refuge in a cozy cove of Cabrera, but he had to reinforce the mooring of its vessels to avoid losing them in the storm.
In the right photo, a replica of the caravel Pinta, moored in Palos de la Frontera, Spain
caravel Pinta