After P90X2 continue your progress? Based on powerful new sports science frontiers of training. 12 new break through training, to include more to focus on your core, motor function, balance and flexibility. Vegetarian food and free choice including a comprehensive, customized nutrition program. From P90X extreme fitness program, manufacturers in the world. Private coach Tony horton to provide training, with his unique hybrid and humor. This is your roadmap and use P90X2 your plan of attack. The get started guide provides guidelines and basic skill, how to make the most of the program. It also includes the science behind the Insanity Workout, fully summarizes the three stages of training, and an appropriate test, and Outlines the recommended supplements and in-depth information of the equipment. Its core is the point where your body on the basis of: all the campaign began. Your core instability, forcing your body to fire its prime mover harmony and stability muscles. When you master this program, all of your movement patterns will improve. Combines traditional increase not only your speed and endurance, but your entire mind / body connection, P90X as well as the explosive movements of the mind and coordination drills. Do not do this more than once a week. You learn to P90X2, your body becomes more powerful, it has been called into question after the break. Insanity Workout recovery + mobility exercise to take more into a step, not only enhanced oil recovery, but also forcing your body to readjust to promote better overall functionality. The key is a myofascial release called foam rolling technology. Expect to get a new understanding of the phrase, "hurts so good." This exercise also provides you with a complete stretching routine for those days you prefer to work, no foam roller.