Trip in the northern zone of Dominican Republic
From the cultivated fields of rural north to the jungle of fruit trees as far as Las Terrenas and Las Galeras virgin coasts in the spectacular Samana bay.
Overnight stay at Todo Blanco Hotel in Las Galeras, Samana peninsula.
Colonial style and beautiful tropical garden.
Uninterrupted white beaches for miles and miles.
Breathtaking views.
Varied nature of the landscape.
Salto el Limòn Falls (150 m.), near Las Terrenas.
Samana bay
Samana's whales

Samana's whales are returning once a year from Canada. They come to give birth and to reproduct themselves.The whales come to the Samana Bay from middle January to the end of March.

Enchanting Cayo Levantado island opposit Samana city.
The small north towns are full of life and colours.
Fruiterer's shop or souvenir's shop are every-where.
Rural north, cultivated fields in a softness scenery.
Cultivations and virgin nature live together.
The childs sometimes like to be photographed.
Somebody carry clothes washing, some other wait the local bus or go for a walk.
With two or three-wheel drive, to arrive what is important.
What effort!
By pickup, local bus or with the pig.
All sort of transportations.
From the country to the city, even the pig like to walk.
A very special meeting.
Couple is better.
Road signs and houses in the country.
The country is full of colours.
Abandoned houses?
A wooden church and a pharmacy.
After the journey a short relax... goodbye!