Montecristi, few miles from Haiti

suggestive beaches, high cliffs, virgin islands,

diving, Spanish galleons, carnival
El Morro beach
Montecristi is located on the north-west coast of the Dominican Republic, 85 miles west of Puerto Plata.
El Morro
Nearby, the National Park of Montecristi with El Morro, a natural rock sculpture that emerges from the sea, and the mangroves, habitat of pelicans and gigari. The beaches: Costa Verde, La Granja, Playa Popa, Playa del Morro, very suggestive, with high cliffs, deep waters and waves; Cayos Los Siete Hermanos, seven small virgin islands in a large reef area rich in marine life, perfect destination for divers.
El Morro

The sea north-west of Montecristi, over the reef, to Haiti and Tortuga island, was sea of pirates, with many Spanish galleons sunk yet to be discovered.

Fort de Rocher (1640), overlooking the only natural harbor of Tortuga

San Fernando de Montecristi, capital of the province, is a city with boulevards builted in the middle of the past century. To see the clock tower, an original French construction of the nineteenth-century and the Maximo Gomez and Jose' Marti Museum.

the clock tower
The Maximo Gomez and Jose' Marti Museum where was signed the Manifesto of Montecristi.
Maximo Gomez and Jose' Marti Museum
In San Fernando de Montecristi, March 25, 1895, Maximo Gomez and Jose' Marti signed the Manifesto of Montecristi proclaiming Cuban independence.
Maximo Gomez (left) and Jose' Marti
Montecristi is famous for the more lively carnival of the Dominican Republic.