Salto del Limon - Las Terrenas
29 miles from Samana international airport
beautiful waterfall with small lake

English Language Editor Charles Fernandez

Begin in the small village of Limon, 8 miles east of Las Terrenas.

As the road turns to the right and starts up into the hills you’ll encounter many people from several different companies that will offer to take you to the “Salto del Limon”, the highest waterfall in the Caribbean.

Created by the Limon River the scenic falls are framed by the tropical forests of the Samana peninsula.

To get to the falls you start on horseback. But be assured that the horses are well trained since you cross the river several times and after a rain the water is deep and swift.

Fortunately your strong but easygoing and good-natured horses are up to the task of carrying you safely. Riding in the forest is quite sensuous with vibrant colors, pleasant smells, and exotic sounds.

The last twenty minutes are on foot, descending on a path to the falls.
Wear long pants (preferably jeans) to ride and pack a bathing suit because the pool at the base of the falls is crystal clear and quite cool.

But don’t worry the Dominican sun will warm and dry you in a moment.







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