Location: on the north-east coast of Dominican Republic.




Playa Rincon, what a beach!

Conde Nast magazine rated Playa Rincon as the second finest beach in the entire world.

We don't know about that since we haven't seen most of the world's beaches. It is, however, far and away the nicest beach we have ever been on.

The main part stretches for 4 kilometers and there is another part separated by a small peninsula which, although smaller, is even prettier and more secluded.

If you go to Playa Rincon from Las Terrenas, leave early from the hotel, no later than nine o´clock, bound for east, direction Las Galeras.

Pass over Limon falls, go straight on the top of the hill, then downward to  SANTA BARBARA DE SAMANA.

Eight miles before LAS GALERAS  turn left, follow the sign and go on the white road.





The drive there is part of the adventure. It gives you an up close and personal view of the life in Samana peninsula, among pineapple fields and coconuts palms.







When you reach Playa rincon, follow the small road along the shore. This road is about five miles long and goes along the beach, so you do not have to walk to have a full sight of the beach.

The tropical jungle getting down from the hill up to the ocean is an astonishing show.







What makes this beach remarkable.

Good sand, thousands of palm trees, azure colored waters and a spectacular setting surrounded by mountains.

Also, there are no motels, hotels or condos and the only commercial establishments are several small restaurants serving freshly caught fish, lobsters and local fare.

Bring supplies, or even kids' clothing with you - there are many places to stop along the way and hand them out.
We spent most of the day on the east side of the beach which had great body-surfing waves.

Just walk past the little restaurants and that's where the other great stretch of beach is.

We had lunch at one of the restaurants and it was good.

Finally: turquoise water, white sandy beach, hillsides covered with palm trees - it was heavenly. 

Go to Playa Rincon before it changes.