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Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic

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In Samana peninsula, between sea and hills north-east side of Hispaniola island.

Why Las Terrenas

For golden and impressive beaches, blue waters, French atmosphere of restaurants and beach-front hotels.

You will find all services. French baker's and candlelight dinners on the sea.

Espectacular jungle of fruit tree, luxuriant hills, rivers and falls to climb up on a mule.




How to reach Las Terrenas

Starting from Las Americas airport nearby Boca Chica, get the new highway that leads from  Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas in the  Samana peninsula . When in Sanchez turn left, toward the mountains. The roads are smooths. Beyond the mountains, go down to the sea up to Las Terrenas.

It takes 2 hours from downtown Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas.

Second option: in Sanchez, you can continue as far as Samana, go through the town, take a secondary road on the left to north-west, drive through an impressive jungle. One hour more, and you will reach Las Terrenas going over mountains and hills: an unforgettable experience. Before Las Terrenas you will find a diversion to Limon Falls, an adventure not to be missed.

Since the new highway is done, people from Santo Domingo come here every week and Las Terrenas is full of life.

Either way you walk along the shore in Las Terrenas, road leads you to beachfront  hotels.




Las Terrenas beach and Punta Popy

Playa Moron




El Limon falls




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