La Vega
16 miles from Cibao international airport
history, legend and religion
the most famous carnival in the country
La Vega
Concepción de La Vega, capital of the province, is located in the center of the Dominican Republic, 70 miles from Santo Domingo, 22 miles from Santiago de Los Caballeros, 16 miles from Cibao international airport. There is also an airport (El Ponton Airport) for domestic flights.
the coat of arms of La Vega

In La Vega there are the ruins of La Concepcion, the fortress built by Christopher Columbus in 1494, the third in American soil.

the ruins of the fortress
Now, La Vega is a modern city, with a great cathedral, parks, avenues, elegant villas and the most famous carnival in the country.
the cathedral of La Vega
Opposite the cathedral, the public park Duarte.
the public park Duarte
In the park the monument to Federico Garcia Godoy (Santiago de Cuba, 1857 - La Vega, 1924), Cuban writer, author of Patriotic Trilogy.
monument to Federico Garcia Godoy
3 miles from La Vega, on the summit of Santo Cerro, was founded the first convent of the Virgin Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia, the birthplace of the cult of the Virgin.
Santo Cerro sanctuary
The image of the Virgin, according to legend, appeared on the arm of the cacique Guarionex, when during a bloody battle against the Spaniards, the Indians, which he commanded, tried unsuccessfully to burn the Cross.
Virgin Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia
Here in 1492 was raised from Christopher Columbus the True Cross, symbol of Christianity in the Americas, which had received as gift from Queen Isabella the Catholic before leaving for the Indies, and whose remains can still be visited.
pilgrims visiting the sanctuary
The economy of La Vega is based on the production of cocoa, coffee, tobacco, rice and livestock. A La Vega also exists a small but famous brewery, Cervecería vegan, the Vega and 'Pedro Henríquez Ureña University headquarters, and the Universidad Católica Tecnológica of the Cibao.
The Carnival in La Vega is the most famous in the country and takes place every Sunday of the month of February, including February 27, the country's National Independence Day. On 24 September, is celebrated the Virgen de las Mercedes, the patron saint of the city.
carnival in La Vega
In La Vega you can still see the old locomotive that linked Sanchez to La Vega through the railway line opened in 1887.
the old locomotive