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Jarabacoa - central Cordillera
adventure across rivers and waterfalls
climbing, jeep safari, paracliding, rafting

JARABACOA " of eternal spring"







Jarabacoa is located on Central Cordillera 530 meters above sea level.




the new road (February 2012) that connects Costanza and Jarabacoa


How to reach

Jarabacoa is easily reaching by car taking Duarte highway n. 1 in a northerly direction, next La Vega, and continuing along Federico Basilis main road for 24 km.

Why Jarabacoa

A legend tells the love story between a beautiful India and a fascinating Spanish gentleman. Together founded Jarabacoa that in Taino language means "land where runs the water". The climate is pleasantly fresh all year round. The year's medium temperature is approximately 22 degrees centigrade, with a maximum of 28 and a minimum of 16. The valley (23 kmq), has a triangular form drawed by Yaque del Norte river (main river of Dominican Republic, 300 km long) and Jimenoa river, it's tributary with a course marked by falls, destination of touristic trips. The landscape, rich in pines, rivers and falls, recall the alpine scenary. The town (60.000 inhabitants) offers the possibility to visit several boutique and art galleries. The zone is ideal for ecotourism and adventure tourism: in 1999 there was here the Mountain Bike Latin American Championship, with 160 competitor coming from 11 countries; in 2000 and in 2001 was selected by the Malboro Adventure Team such as preselection ground. Rancho Baiguate organizes differents types of excursions: rafting on Jimenoa river, mountain-climbing inside the Canyon of the river, jeep safari as far as the falls, tubing along the river, ascents of Pico Duarte, paragliding from a high of 200 meters guided by a pilot trainer. Four kilometers before to arrive to Jarabacoa town, to the left, there is a diversion that take to Jimenoa Falls, one of the most well-known excursion destinations. On a perfectly passable road, passing in front the golf club and next 11 km reaching to the river where is possible to park the car. Payng 10 pesos, the tourists are admitted to the track and in a few minutes, across some suspension bridges, they arrive to the fall. The excursions to Pico Duarte required approximately three days, but are facilitated because of the help of the guides and the use of the mules. The scenary is wonderful. Particularly, the road from Jarabacoa to Manabao certainly merits the excursion. Returning to Jarabacoa, merits a visit the Salesiano Seminary that does several social activities.























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