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Highway Boca Chica - Samana - Las Terrenas. Since the new highway from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas-Samana was completed it only takes 2 hours from downtown Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas. People from the Capital come for the weekend. Las Terrenas is full of life.

Atlantic Tourist Boulevard Sanchez - Las Terrenas - New Highway del Coral La Romana - Bayahíbe - Higüey - Punta Cana - Bávaro - Cap Cana - Macao-Uvero Alto.

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Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the Greater Antilles islands, are the main tourist destinations of the Caribbean.

Boca Chica, on the South East coast of the Dominican Republic, is the largest protected reef bay in the Caribbean.

You will find all kind of services: restaurants, bars, casino, supermarkets, shops, discos, rent a car, buses, taxicabs, motoconchos (motorcycle taxis), banks, money change offices, tour operators and diving centers.

And a lot of Hotels and Residences, of course.

To see where the services are located please look at the Boca Chica map.

Boca Chica is inexpensive: expect to pay 50% less than other Caribbean destinations.

Boca Chica is 6 miles from Las Americas Airport and 22 miles from the Capital Santo Domingo, in the ideal location for tours and excursions to the beaches, off shore islands, and the mountains. See a short travel guide.

The new highway to the north ( Samana, Las Terrenas, Puerto Plata ) is 5 miles from Boca Chica.

With crystalline, clear, calm, and shallow waters, warm year long, Boca Chica Bay is ideal for all aquatic activities, swiming, boating, fishing, and other sports.

Safe and fantastic even for non swimmers.

Last but not least, Dominicans are peaceful, fun loving, and very friendly people.


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hotels index guide nightlife restaurants beach