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Nightlife guide to Boca Chica. The travel story of Tommy, 25 anni, from New York, May 2014: a dip in the Dominican movida of the Duarte, among beautiful girls, discos, rum and merengue.

The nightlife starts late, with people arriving at the discos after 11 pm and the merengue, salsa and rock beats don’t stop until around 4 am at upscale dance clubs in town. People-watching at the cafes and bars, many of them open air.

Nothing can sweeten your holiday more than an exciting and lucky evening at the casino. You walk in the door and notice it looks much like the casinos at home: flashing lights, slot machines, table games, music playing and drinks flowing.

Several discos, inside the hotels, or that offer dinner and dancing, in caves or in Colonial Zone, with disco/music and merengue, informal or elegants.

Video Euphoria Disco - Video Wao Disco - Video Hard Rock Cafe

Merengue is joyful, high-spirited, energetic and boisterous. There are many popular merengue festivals throughout the D.R. with the biggest in Santo Domingo in July as the waterfront Malecon becomes a huge dance floor with four days and nights of partying, dancing, and booming music.

Innumerables night clubs, good-looking girls and enthusiast spectators.

American movies most recent and around the world in their original version with subtitles in Spanish.

Concerts with world-renowned artists, theater and ballet.


How and where to meet Dominican girls in Santo Domingo and Boca Chica.

More and more men look for girls on Facebook and the Dominican version of Badoo.

Dating online before coming here increases the probability of success.








hotels index guide nightlife restaurants beach