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Gemelli Santo Domingo

Jewelry and School of Art


From 24 years the Gemelli is leader in Santo Domingo for the creation of jewelry and its Art School.

Gemelli is a meeting place and training of new trends for the manufacture and packaging of larimar and amber jewelry combined with precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, pearls, and on rare occasions, with bronze and copper.

Gemelli develops the Dominican tradition of jewelry and Taíno art, following the news, with the techniques more updated to create jewelry.

Gemelli has the most important and comprehensive Art School for the creation of jewelry, with a more wide variety of avant-garde techniques always according to the latest fashion trends.

The purpose of Gemelli is create art jewelry, make them known, pay close attention to the customer.

Bracelets, necklaces and earrings with crystals, pearls, amber, larimar, frames in silver or gold.

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Crystal Therapy



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