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central Cordigliera Cibao region
4 miles from Expedición 14 De Junio local airport
adventure in Swiss Caribbean
ecotourism, waterfalls, excursions, jeep safaris
Constanza valley
the new road (February 2012) connects Costanza to Jarabacoa


Constanza valley is located in the mountain zone of Dominican Republic, in Cibao country, 4 miles from local airport Expedición 14 De Junio.





How to reach

It's easy to reach taking the diversion from Duarte highway next Bonao. When to reach the Cruce del Abanico crossing, before the bridge on the highway, follow the road sign to Constanza on the right (exit n. 12).

Why Constanza

Constanza is located at 1.200 meters above sea level, and is called Caribbean Swiss because of temperate climate in summer and cold in winter (minimum 5 degrees celsius). The economy is based on agriculture (with cultivation of potatoes, garlic, strawberries and floriculture) and on tourism (Balneario Las Palmas is one of the most visitated locality by the Dominicans in Easter and in summer). The zone is suited for excursions by off-road vehicles and for jeep safari, discovering the gardens and the nurseries, the Pyramids inside Valle Nuevo National Park and Scientific Reserve. We recommend a visit to Salto de Aguas Blancas Falls to see the water dropping from 1.680 meters.



the public park and the church
Photos by Vittorio




Rancho Guaraguao

Aguas Blancas falls



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