Cabo Rojo - Pedernales
adventure in the deep south to the border with Haiti

deserted beaches and red rocks


On the south-west coast of the Dominican Republic, in Pedernales province, the most southern province of the country, Cabo Rojo is a cape and a beautiful solitary beach on the same position.

This part of the country is known for its mining of bauxite and its beautiful beaches, such as Bahia de las aguilas and Cabo Rojo.

Further, the border with Haiti where everything is risk...

Cabo Rojo beach
Cabo Rojo beach
air view Barahona area
Bahia de las aguilas
road signs
the dirt road to Cabo Rojo
excursion to Bahia de las aguilas
the red rocks of Cabo Rojo
a small beach in Cabo Rojo
the pier of Cabo Rojo
sun and sea
cactus and red earth
Cabo Rojo air view
Pedernales beach