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Panoramic highway Sanchez - Las Terrenas

2 hours to reach Las Terrenas from downtown Santo Domingo.

Travel times drastically cut between the South Central Coast and North East coast of the Dominican Republic, Las Terrenas and the Samana Peninsula.   

The new stretch of panoramic highway directly connects Sanchez with Las Terrenas saving time, bypassing Sanchez, Samana.

NOTE: When driving west from Boca Chica on Autopista Las Americas, you must exit to the right immediately after passing the tollbooths. The signage is inadequate and it is very easy to miss the turnoff. Continue west on the local accesses road for a few miles until you come to the entrance to the new highway to the North.

the new 65 miles North-East highway connects Boca Chica and Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport with the Samana peninsula
the Samana new highway goes straight South to North among palm trees and spectacular rocky hills
a very easy riding, taking care to the crossing cows and to the horses local trafic
from plains to hills the landscape changes frequently: colors, vegetacion, and red rocks sight are really impressive
overpassing the South-West Sierra near Los Haitises, you reach the road Nagua - Sanchez - Samana
The next Boulevard Turístico del Atlántico, under construction , will connect Nagua - Sánchez - Samana - El Limón - Las Terrenas - Majagual - Las Galeras
North spectacular beaches famous in the world and new boutique hotels are waiting for you


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